We let honesty be our guide at Honest Tom's in Sterling, VA

What we do:

Educate and inform our customer’s about what their vehicle repairs and services.
Each and every customer has the oportunity to choose any repair or service without pressure or deception.
Charge fair prices for fair work. We won’t sucker you in on a low price for something and change our tune once you show up.
We will glady let you see you car or show you digital images of your vehicle so you know what is being recommended.
We will be honest with you and we request you be honest with us. It’s just easier that way.

What we don’t do:

We don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising for $20 oil changes that we have to make up on other repairs.
We don’t do the wrong thing for your car, ever. Even if you request it. We are professional and experts in our field. Please don’t ask us to do anything to your vehicle that would damage it or have it be a hazard to you or other drivers on the road.
We don’t do freebies. If I had a nickle for everytime my father said…”son there is no free lunch.” There is no such thing as free in this industry.

Common freebie practices that are deceptive:

Oil changes that the dealership gave you are not free…they are included in the price of your purchase. It’s different.
Lifetime anything…brakes, alignments, etc. All a mechanism to have the consumer to return and have an opportunity to sell more work. Nothing lasts forever on a car and they are counting on it.
$19.99 oil changes. Odd that 40% of cars on the road today need synthetic oil and those coupons leed to a $60 oil change. National chains spend millions of dollars a year to advertise this loss leader. No wonder their labor rates are $130 or more an hour. Shops that do $19.99 oil changes tend to be 20% higher than us on repairs.
Free loaners…(included in the cost of your service) if its a rental or dealership giving you a new model year car to drive…it cost them something so it will cost you something. We do have free loaner cars but I refer to them as beater cars. We took low mileage older vehicles fixed them and use them as loaners. Our average cost over 3 years per car is about $4 a day. Compared to $40 from the rental company.